See what some of our kids, parents, schools & coaches have said about us!

Sachin is fantastic. As the PE Lead teacher at a primary school, we often have companies come in to offer trials etc. Youth Fit, and particularly Sachin, have something very unique and particularly special.

Duncan Stevenson

I love the work Youth Fit is doing!!! My son is more focused and engaged in every aspect of his life. His performance in school (even in other subjects!!!) improved greatly.

Sandra Akande

My little nephew really enjoys his exercise with Sachin. Sachin is caring, motivational and a professional coach. Keep up the good work!

Aksh Bhardwaj

As a client of Sachin, I have seen exceptional results with the kids. They are more aware of fitness and nutrition. They love doing their sessions with Sachin as they like his energy and his teaching style.

Rakhee Ojah-Maharaj

Sachin is very professional, attentive and responsive to the kids he coaches. His approach to coaching and mentoring keeps everyone constantly engaged and most importantly it’s fun for the kids.

Rushab Shah

Youth Fit offers great range of exercises which has proved to be very popular with the kids. This has encouraged my kids to become more active on regular basis.

Aditya Patel

Youth Fit provide an excellent variety of sessions for kids. Would definitely recommend to parents and schools!

Ammar Rao

Sachin has been a great coach for my sons. He has unique and innovative ideas to improve and enhance their cricket skills. He made the training fun and competitive.

Hermancia Kanagarasa

We really enjoy his work and the kids love it, activities are so fun to watch. Well done Sachin!

Bhanuriya Bhardwaj

Youth Fit are fantastic at delivering exercise to children and are great with engaging kids with fitness!!!

Katherine Gali

Sachin is brilliant at engaging children, making activities fun, and adapting his training style to suit varying levels of ability within a single group.

Vineet Bhalla

My son absolutely loved the sessions with Mr Puri. He encourages children to eat healthy as well as be physically active.

Ummul Alibhai

Youth Fit sessions for my child have been excellent and we have received a highly professional service.

Lauren Grover

Sachin is a brilliant PT and is great with kids. I’d highly recommend the Youth Fit team as they know how to keep you engaged!

Sonal Rattan